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Powdered kakishibu /made in JAPAN earth friendly
US $36~
free shipping

Tenugui towel 10 pcs small pattern set /Cotton 100% / "Japan traditional 10 pc" Made in Japan/13inch x 35.5inch
US $43
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Quilt Japan January 2011 Special Issue:Japan Quilt magazine /Japan's four seasons expressed by quilt
US $32
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Vintage Japanese Kimono FABRIC
Bundle Cutting Cloth 10 pieces
US $29
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Mint Japanese Kimono Haori Jacket ,RED flower on RED

Hello from JAPAN! I am Japanese Quilter,
I enjoy sewing and designing quilt!

Paper foundation piecing

"Cat and her favorites"
Paper foundation piecing

"Welcome to my boutique"
Paper foundation piecing


"Sue by the door"
Paper foundation piecing



I am designing Japanese"KANJI"
Pleases wait more "KANJI".

Paper foundation piecing.

"12 months of Japanese Kanji Calendar"
has started Jan.2002!!

"December" is uploaded Jan6


What is KANJI?

Quilt Assemmble

"Dreaming Castle"
Paper foundation piecing

Japanese traditional design
Paper foundation piecing

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Your Gallery Visitor's quilt. NEW




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